Day Three
Day Three quest
Moon Well Quest 1-28
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: [[Blue Peaks Valley Expedition Location| Blue Peaks Valley]]
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[[Day Two|Day Two [[An Indian|An Indian


The workers were busy fixing the totem since early this morning. To night fall, the totem was ready and in perfect state. So perfect that even Blind Sun would forget how he wanted to be face to face with the thief. Sun didn't know that during this two days, he not only was face to face with the thief, but even called him hero a few times.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Cable Create cable. 7 5 EmeraldCurrency
Fire Create fire. 50 5 EmeraldCurrency
Bricks Create bricks. 15 5 EmeraldCurrency


Blind Sun gave to old man his cooked. The old man began to react immediately, and in about an hour could speak again. His name was Isaac Berry, and he was making a pilgrimage to the shrine in the mountains. But on their way to the shrine, he began to feel ill. He was burning with fever, so he decided to cool off in the river, but lost consciousness before reaching the water. By knowing the slip in the gorge of the mountain, the old man smiled and said: There are many ways to discover the truth. And I'll be happy to show any of them to you.


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