Comeback dune quest
Dune Quest 1-13
Prerequisites: Complete The Chosen One
Level: Level
Location: Dune
1 Raspberry chime 40 energy Raspberry chime 40 energy
3 Emerald Emerald
5 Lucky Coin Lucky Coin
Previous Next
The Chosen One This is the last quest in this series.


I'll miss you,' said Alice. I wanted to ask her to join me and go to the Blue Peaks Valley, but I didn't. Who knows what kind of dangers await me there, in our cold wild land?


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Energy snack Eat an energy snack. 15
Hammer Make a hammer. 10
Go home Go to your home station.


I was looking at the clouds floating through the sky and thinking: 'Will I ever be able to stop? My restless heart leads me further to new adventures...'


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