Unique Features

  • There is a Father Christmas walking around, who drops more giftboxes.

Achievement Building

Equipment Requirements

Associated Quests

Travel Information

  • Home Station to Christmas Lights: 53 km


  • Christmas Lights, partly clearedGo to ??
  • My cleared space
  • List of Candy Cane locations
  • Christmas Lights mostly cleared


  • Decorations: 1x Christmas tree (center), 2x Bench with birds (north corner).
  • The Candy canes, the purple Fluffy Trees and Fluffy Bushes all give Fluffies as resource. They can be processed one click at a time and give a Fluffy for each click; they do NOT need comboclicking, which does appear to give less Fluffies than single clicking.
  • The Tasty umbrella gives Porridge, Fish, and Energy Foods; Make sure to still have enough sled space while breaking them down, as it quickly puts on weight on your sled and may cause overload.
  • Ice Cranberry: It is way better to combo click them. Single click gives little experience and 1 piece of ice very randomly. Combo clicking gives large chunks. (example: Combo clicking 25 size cranberry gives 2x35kg and 2x80kg. Unloading just one 35kg piece gives 15 ice and 150exp, 80kg piece gives 40 ice and 500exp)

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