While generally areas in-game are simply referred to only as Expedition Locations, there are a variety of differing area types. From largest to smallest, we categorize them as follows:

This is Earth, or rather the Klondike fantasy version of our World.
This typically refers to Continents. At this time, the game is currently set in a fictional version of North America.
Each landmass is typically made up of a number of regions. The current playable area is a fictional version of the Klondike.
These are geographical biomes that encompass various expedition locations.
These are the expedition locations available for the player to actively travel to.
Landmarks are loosely defined small areas or structures within an area. These are typically buildings and their immediate surroundings.
Toponym Count
World 0
Landmass 0
Region 0
Subregion 0
Area 41
Landmark 0

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