Purchase Price: 39 EmeraldCurrency
Sell Price: 10,000 CoinCurrency
Gift Value: ??
Weight: 50SledIcon
Feed: Milk

The cat can be send out to open bird nests on the map.


  • The cat item can be placed and returned to and from the map, storage, and the sled. It can be taken to Expedition locations that way.
  • Placed on the map, it appears as a cat house, bringing with it an orange mother cat and four siamese-colored kittens. The cats move freely about the map, the kittens tending to follow the mother cat. Each can be picked up and moved around like other animals.
  • The cat house offers two functions: 1) to call back the cats to the house, where they will sit outside the house, until picked up again. 2) With an investment of 15 Milk the cat will go to search and open all bird nests on the map, reaching even those that are obstructed for the player. At the Home Station, the cat is capaple of accessing all four sections of map on its own, regardless of which section its house is placed in.


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    • Cat will go to all four sections of the home station and clear all nests.

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