Calm Before The Storm
Calm Before The Storm quest
Aery Quest 1-5
Prerequisites:  ?
Level:  ?
Location: [[Aery Expedition Location| Aery]]
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This is the first quest in this serie [[Map (Aery Quest 1-6)|Map


I stayed home for several days. I wasn't up to any adventures. It turned out that my friends knew me better than I did.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Bricks Bring some bricks to Aery. 10 N/A
Fish Create some fish in Aery to cook fish broth over the fire. 30 N/A
Viking set Collect and exchange a Viking Set. 3 N/A




  • The bricks will count if they are loaded and unloaded at Home Station.
  • The fish can also be made in the barn at Home Station and will count toward quest completion.

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