A New Friend
A New Friend quest
Arnica Quest 1-7
Location: Arnica
50 Worms Worms
50 Fresh grass Fresh grass
50 Wind Wind
Previous Next
Disappointment Northern Pass


Thanks to our lighthouse, many travelers heading to the Northern Pass found a place to rest in the valley of Arnica's river. After hearing our stories, nobody wanted to have anything to do with the fishermen.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Send gifts2 Send free gifts to your friends and tell them about the fishermen. 100 N/A
Plaid throw Create a few Plaid Throws for the travelers. 3 N/A
Cheese And a slice of Cheese for those who just arrived. 2 N/A


We got acquainted with Hope. 'I know this type of people: they do not want to prove anything. Yet we all need to get to the pass, don't we?' he grinned. We nodded.


  • These have to be FREE gifts, not special gifts.

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